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Our Services Include:
Portfolio preparation, application and documentation for Immigration process
Guidance on areas of improvement in your case
Representing your case before the Immigration Authorities
Information about your new homeland; its history, culture, economy, geography, people,
Global Citizenship, Business planning and incorporation
Preparing you for your interview at the Immigration Authorities
Travel planning, Professional guidance on goods to accompany, weight and clothing to carry
Goods to follow with or without duty / tax
Funds and amount to be shown at the Airport / Immigration office
Details and procedure of carrying valuables, gold, ornaments and jewelry
Medicines and health care arrangements prior to leaving your country of origin
Legalities required to be fulfilled after landing in your new country;
Registration, Social Insurance, Medical.
Step-by-step guidance in settlement process: Banking, education and schooling, traveling,
maps, phone/cellular services, Internet service etc.
Guidance in buying computer, convenience shopping
Accommodation in safe, comfortable and financially viable areas as per your needs
Guidance on buying vehicles and driving licensing, insurance, registration and highway
Advise for traveling abroad (U.S., Europe, Asia)
Counseling in job search through employment specialists
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AukSun - Immigrate to Canada
Date Modified: 2017-01-17
Our relationship with you is our strength.  When you select AukSun as your Immigration Consultants, we ensure that you are properly looked after in your early, safe and smooth
immigration. Through our guidance you can avoid costly pitfalls. Through our self guided tutorials, you can do all your immigration planning, from the comfort of your home.

Immigrating to a new country involves a well planned approach. AukSun consultants prepare you for that. Our Comprehensive Guidance Program covers your Application,
Counselling and Settlement. We extend all available knowledge customized to facilitate your lifestyle. Our self paced-online coaching helps you take well-informed decisions to start
your new life.
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