Have a business idea?
Let AukSun connect Your
Talent to Opportunity in
Do Business Globally and settle in Canada
Let’s embark a new journey towards your success. Crisp with
the right recipe of work life balance, we assist you to turn your
business idea into an implementation business that can bring
you Permanent Residence in Canada, the funds to work it,
office support and hence settle you in Canada within a year!
So pull up your sleeves and let’s get down to business.
You need a business plan of a global nature that you
can implement after you land in Canada. It should
create jobs for other Canadians too.
Education, experience age are preferred though not
mandatory. (you should be able to communicate in
English that is to say). So you are all set to go.
Fill in
the questionnaire here
and we bring it to light.
Go ahead and get started...

If we select your idea, we will assist you in developing
it and securing a business loan or grant of $75,000 ~
Assessment Form for Business Idea
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