Let's become a Global Citizen
AukSun's Global Citizenship Program
AukSun’s Global Citizenship Program helps Entrepreneurs
create innovative businesses that allow them to live and work
in multiple countries.

This program is brought to you by collaborating Licenced
Immigration Practitioners, Lawyers, Certified Chartered
Accountants and Business Consultants from participating

To initiate the process you need a business plan that secures
funds of $75,000 ~ 200,000 from selected funding
organisations or from your own funds.

You can join hands with up to five directors in a business plan.
Relevant education and experience are important though
not mandatory.
Entrepreneurial skills, computer literacy and English language proficiency are desirable.

Under the Global Citizen Program we will help you create, improve and present your
entrepreneurial business ideas. Starting with:
·         A business and settlement plan,
·         Incorporation of your global company abroad,
·         An interactive website,
·         Training to operate online stores and e-marketing
·         e-Commerce, PayPal/credit card integration
·         Business presentations with Funders, Incubators or Seed Capital
·         International Immigration application
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AukSun - Global Citizenship Program
We encourage you to apply early. The Immigration policies change time to time, hence no guarantees
can be made in grant of visa or acceptance of funding.

So pull your sleeves up and lets get down to business

To apply for Global Citizenship Program, please fill in the assessment from below.
Have multiple citizenships in Canada, UK, Australia and Asia simultaaneously