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Date Modified: 2016-02-28
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Shah Group of Institutions - Evening Chapter
A Visionary Way To Learn
Message to Parents - Upgrading life requires life long learning. Shah Grammar's Evening Chapter makes it possible for your children.
We provide online class work, homework, assignments, tests and more. At our Evening Chapter, your children can learn online
24/7/365 at the comfort of your home or anywhere they are. All you need is an Internet connection, a laptop or a smart-phone

After enrolling in our Evening Chapter your children can start our comprehensive guidance programs covering a variety of subjects
and evening tuition work. Our innovative teaching methods will realise your kids potential to their fullest. Through our Evening
Chapter they can save both time and effort.
What you study at your school in the morning ......................... you can revise it at home, in the evening!
Teachers can post their resume at:
Shah Grammar High School's
Evening Chapter
Congratulations Shah Grammar Children,
At Shah Grammar's Evening Chapter, you can study and revise your school work anytime from the comfort of your home.
Learn at your pace. Simply click  in your class below and start learning.
Good luck!