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Date Modified: 2016-01-19
Learning re-imagined
AukSun Learning Management System
Upgrading your life requires life long learning. AukSun eSchools make it possible for you. We provide online videos, presentations, coaching and
training. At AukSun eSchools, you can learn online 24/7/365 at the comfort of your home or anywhere you are. All you need is an Internet connection,
a laptop or a smart-phone tablet.

After enrolling in AukSun eSchool you can start your comprehensive guidance programs covering a variety of fields. Our innovative teaching methods
will realise your potential to the fullest. Through our eLearning you can save time, effort and money.
Home e-Schooling for Children
Customised Staff e-Training for Corporations
e-Courses for Professionals
Intuitive Financial e-Courses
Careers at AukSunLMS
Innovative, affordable, lifelong e-learning; for everyone, anywhere, anytime.
e-Learning for existing schools
e-Learning for Immigration Preparation
Collaborating Businesses
eHealth Programs
Work with AukSunLMS as e-Teacher
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