Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Immigration (EOI)
Effective Nov 2016, Canada is accepting Immigration applications under Expression
of Interest (EOI) pool in ALL occupations.
You may apply if you have good command over English Language and at least 1-yr
work experience.
Top ranking candidates are being selected every month.
Date Modified: 2014-12-26
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Simply fill in the assessment form below.
AukSun will assess your likelihood of settling in Canada and
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Provincial Immigration to Canada
In Canada, the provinces and territories can also nominate Immigration applicants.
The provinces can select applicants either from the Federal Express Entry pool or
even independently.

The provincial selections are announced and withdrawn time-to-time. Selection is
based on various predetermined occupations. The number of applicants is also
limited. Many a time, the IELTS requirements are as low as 4.5 bands in each factor
(speaking listening reading writing). This is a good opportunity you must not miss.
If selected, you will have 90 days to submit complete details to Immigration authority.
We encourage you to register with us and apply early. We can prepare your
portfolio that best meets eligibility and admissibility requirements and describe you,
your work and your vision to Canadian employers and authorities.
Together we can build your immigration and settlement road map so you may
achieve your goals.