Azeem U. Khan (
Azeem is an L.L.M and MBA. He is entrepreneurial having over 20 years'
experience of various businesses, law firms and multinationals. Azeem
offers courses on Immigration Preparation, Business planning and
Lubna Maqbool (
Lubna is an MA in Linguistics with a wealth of experience in English and French
language teaching. She operates her English language Institute in Karachi. Over
the years she has conducted extensive English and French language trainings in
Dr. Arooj Aftab (
Arooj is an M.B.,B.S and an MBA. She offers her expertise in Healthcare
courses from our UK office.
Jameela Khan (
Jameela  is a Chartered Accountant and offers courses particularly
in Finanacil management and Strategy. She has worked extensively
in Service Industry. Jameela is based in UK.
Dr. Qamarul Hasan (
Qamar facilitates our Course Development department. He is an MBTI &
MMTIC Certified, Applied Psychologist and Personality Type Expert.
Qamar offers MBTI and personality development courses from our
Karachi office.
Experienced in various disciplines (Business management, linguistics, law, education), our e-Teachers offer wider prospective to
our e-learners. Our e-Teachers mentor you in your developmental needs, grooming, eduction material and more.
making learning easy..
AukSun Learning Management System
Nazia Jameel (
Nazia Jameel is an MA Economics and BCs with a wealth of experience in CRM, Mass
Marketing, and e-Commerce teaching .
Dure Shehwar (
Dure is an MBA and has a passion for life-long  learning.
Dure offers pertinent training in Management Sciences for
Professionals and Executives.
Dori Mantzari (
Dori is a certified teacher of English. Her BA is in "English Studies" and her
Master's degree is in "English Literature, Culture, and Ideology'. Dori's goal is to
help our learners improve their English and offer guidance they need in their
self-study. She efforts to provide English courses by category. At present, Dori
focuses on the IELTS.  Apart from that, she also uploads more English lessons on
other topics. She is based in Canada.
Date Modified: 2016-10-22
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