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Date Modified: 2016-01-19
Send us your resume at: eschool.careers@auksun.com
AukSunLMS - eSchool
Careers at AukSun Learning Management System
AukSunLMS offers innovative, affordable, lifelong learning for everyone, anywhere, anytime.
We do this on-line through videos, presentations, coaching and training.

We welcome you to work with AukSunLMS. You are in for a unique learning experience.
All you need is an Internet connection, a laptop or a smart-phone tablet.

Your association with AukSunLMS commences on Self-Employment basis.
This is a self-pace affiliation which does not refrain you to work elsewhere (unless in conflict of interest)

AukSunLMS will train you about our services that you can offer your clients.
As your work grows, so does your income

During our association, you may want to relocate within or outside your native country. AukSunLMS can assist you with that.

We will take care of your personal and professional training through continuous learning sessions. You will be invited to attend free International online webinars time to

Come and join us. We value your services and look forward to a wonderful experience for all.
We are an Online Schooling System. Join us and work at your pace!
Join our Team; Work from anywhere..

Welcome to the amazing world of AukSunLMS.

  • You can work from the comfort of your home
  • One-day per week is enough to manage your work
  • Work at your pace. You are self-employed with
    more profit and less overheads.
  • You can easily escape 09 to 05 drudgery
  • You can truly realize your potential, relying on our
    Internet automation and integration in your
  • You can earn a decent living without compromising
    your life pursuits
  • You can make a practical retirement plan for

We encourage you to send us your resume at:
  • We can train you to introduce our services to
  • Maintain client account
  • Earn commission
Careers at AukSunLMS